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About the IEEE Transaction Paper
Transferred Potential - a Hidden Killer  of Many Linemen  


EE/Gen cum MRT/Dharmapuri


An accident happened while carrying out a breakdown work on a line which was isolated from supply and earthed both at substation endand at worksite. During the work,two lineworkers suddenly experienced a severe shock. One of them was electrocuted and the other sustained severe injuries.

An Analysis was carried out by Thiru K. Suresh AEE/Spl Mtce/Dharmapuri to find out the cause of the accident.  After finding the cause, a proposal was submitted to IEEE to present the issue in an IEEE safety conference. The proposal was accepted and a paper titled Transferred Potential - a Hidden Killer of many Linemen was presented by Thiru K.Suresh (Author) and Thiru S.Paranthaman (co-author) in an IEEE International safety conference held at California, USA during February 2014. The presented paper was further selected and published in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications as Book version and also in IEEE Digital library during May/June 2015.  This paper can be searched in Google by the title name and can be downloaded from IEEE website.

It is a common practice followed in many Electricity Distribution corporations including TANGEDCO to provide Earth rod both at substation end and at worksite before carryout maintenance work on overhead line (11kV to 33kV ). The paper discusses how the temporary Earthing provided on a de-energised distribution line at substation end, can transfer substation’s Ground Grid Potential to worksite and causes accident during LC work on the line.

The outcome of the analysis concludes to modify the present practice of Earthing in the relevant standards including Indian Standard 3043, Code of Practice of Earthing.