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Welcome to TNEB ENGINEER"S ASSOCIATION..Web Portal......"All the members are requested to upload their Name, personal address, contact Number, so as to deliver MINTHIRAN at your door step" "All the Executive committee members and Branch secretaries are requested to extend your cooperation for uploading your CV for sharing of TNEBEA activities then and there " To enrich the content of Minthiran, kindly upload your valuable technical artical, Issues to be addressed to Management, Practical and implementable ideas and thoughts to raise the organisation dignity, Advertisement oriented towards Electrical Utility, etc"


22.08.2014:- TANGEDCO-Departmental Tests for the officials of TANGEDCO held on 24th & 25th May 2014-Publication of Results-Orders issued vide (Per) CMD T.P No.224 dt.13.08.2014

16.08.2014:- Estt-Class II Service-Assistant Executive Engineers/Civil-Suitable for Promotion to the post of Executive Engineers/Civil-PARs  Called for vide Letter No. 071800/885 dt. 16.08.2014

16.08.2014:- Departmental Tests - November 2014 for the employees of TANGEDCO & TANTRANSCO-Notification issued vide No.02/2014 dt.13.08.2014

14.08.2014:- TANGEDCO-Guidelines issued to ensure the Safety, Security and well being of Boys & Girls Children, adolescent girls, working women staying in places away from their home-Instructions issued vide Circular Memo. No. 55366 dt.13.08.2014 (G.O Ms. No.31 Social Welfare & NMP Dept) dt. 26.06.2014)

14.08.2014:- Estt-Class II Service-Assistant Executive Engineers/Mechanical-Suitable for Promotion to the post of Executive Engineers/Mechanical-Particulars Called for vide Letter No.063438/1022 dt.14.08.2014

07.08.2014:- TANGEDCO-Estt-Class II Service-Preparation of Panel for Promotion to the post of  Assistant Executive Engineers/Electrical-Suitability Report not received-Requested  vide Letter No. 71223/495 dt. 07.08.2014

05.08.2014:- Estt-Class II Service-Assistant Executive Engineers/Civil-Suitable for Promotion to the post of Executive Engineers/Civil-Particulars Called for vide Letter No.57647/931 dt.05.08.2014

05.08.2014:- TANGEDCO-Estt-Class II Service-Assistant Engineers/Electrical-Suitable for Promotion as Assistant Executive Engineers/Electrical-PARs Pending-Called for vide Letter No. 037996/482 dt. 05.08.2014