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Be The Perfect Daughter-in-law
February, 8 2011

Be The Perfect Daughter-in-law

Getting along with the mother-in-law is not as difficult as you think, especially if you are clear and firm about your expectations. Building a healthy bond with your mother-in-law is easier if you consider the following 'Dos'.
1.Be honest - Be clear, honest, and calm with both your husband and mother-in-law about your needs.
2.Respect her - Respect the opinions, wisdom, age and experience of your mother-in-law. Try to build a friendly bond with her.
3.Avoid interfering - When it comes to solving big issues, refrain from interfering. Let your husband discuss them with her.
4.Keep in touch with her - In case, you are living away from your in-laws, call up your mother-in-law time to time just to wish her. Being a loveable daughter in law starts with being considerate.
5.Stand up for yourself - If your mother in law criticizes your appearance, house, or parenting style, tell her your point of view. Point out remarks you think are unfair or unnecessary when they happen so that you develop a transparent relationship.
6.Be considerate - Show your concern and help your mother-in-law when she is unwell. Remember, a great daughter in law cares about other people's health.
7.Be patient - Try not to loose your temper on trivial issues. Be calm and tackle everything with love.

The way to your mother-in-law's heart is her family. Win the heart of everyone in the family by showing love, care and concern and by following these steps.

Best of Luck...

With Kind Regards..