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Celebrate Each Day As A Valentine's Day After Marr
February, 10 2011

:Celebrate Each Day As A Valentine's Day After Marriage:

Valentine’s Day is one of those special days when you make the love of your life feel special. You buy gifts, go out for dinner, make new promises and so on. You do everything possible to bring a smile on the face of your life partner.

Such special gestures can help you lead a very happy married life if you continue to do them at ‘not so special’ occasions.

Here’s a list of things you can do to make your life partner feel all the more special and to make him / her love you more:

1.Say ‘I love you’ whenever possible – Don’t miss out any chance of expressing love to your life partner. A simple ‘I love you’ says a lot!

2.Have fun together – Make sure that you take time-out from your daily chores and watch a movie together, go out for dinner or go out for weekend holidays after every few days.

3.Buy gifts – Buy gifts or flowers without any special occasion and surprise your life partner when it is least expected.

4.Show that you care - Show respect, trust, appreciation, consideration and kindness whenever it is required. This way, your spouse will also show the same feeling towards you.

5.Cook – This tip is especially for guys. Your life partner would definitely feel really special if on some special occasion you do some special cooking for her.

6.Compliment – A simple compliment like ‘You are looking beautiful today’ can make your life partner feel good. It would definitely ensure a brighter start for the day.

7.Party out with each other’s friends – At times, it is good to hang out with your spouse’s friends as well. Plan out a party or get-together with friends for a more excitement and happiness in life.

Small things can bring big smiles and loads of happiness in your life. Try to make your life partner feel special from time to time and celebrate each day of your married life as Valentine’s Day.

Best of Luck..!

With Kind Regards...

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