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Things to be kept in mind before marrying an NRI..
February, 12 2012
Things to be kept in mind before marrying an NRI..

The glitz and glamor that comes along with an NRI groom attracts a lot of Indian parents who are looking for a match for their daughters. They feel that an NRI groom can give their child a much more comfortable and affluent atmosphere than an Indian match. But, the risk factor involved in such an alliance is very high as it gets difficult to know and understand genuine lifestyle NRI grooms. So, parents need to be highly careful and observant while contemplating such a matrimonial union. Following are few of the steps, which should be followed before taking this decision: 1.Proper research should be done even before fixing the first meeting with an NRI family. These days, internet is a great source to check someone’s credibility. For instance, if the groom says that he is a part of a renowned business group or organisation, it can be cross-checked on various social and professional networking websites. 2.The bride’s family should try to examine the intentions of the NRI family in terms of dowry. There are chances that the prospective family might show more interest in money rather than the bride in future. 3.The values possessed by the members of the family should be understood well before the wedding as in the end, the bride is the one who has to make all the sacrifices and compromises. So, for her happiness, the parents should try to understand her future family well in advance. 4.NRIs are often referred to as non reliable Indians, therefore, you should never go on the easy to go and innocent image carried by them. In fact, each and every point mentioned by them should be counter questioned and scrutinized to the depth. 5.If a distant relative of the family of the bride comes with an attractive marriage proposal, they should not be given any advantage too. The family should be equally careful in such a scenario because it’s a matter of whole life of their daughter. Marriage, being the most important and crucial decision of life, should be taken with utmost care and thought. In case of this kind of matrimonial alliance, special attention should be given to the fact the daughter would go far away from the eyes of her parents and will have no one to rely upon. BEST OF LUCK...!